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The Preserve: Sage Creek High School Yearbook

Yearbook Purchase and Distribution Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

1. Please use the Yearbook Link to visit the SCHS Yearbook Page should you want to purchase a Yearbook: Click here to visit the Sage Creek Yearbook Page

2. Yearbook Purchase Price = $80

3. Last Day Guaranteed Purchase- April 23rd, 2021 is the last day for a guaranteed yearbook sale (use the online link above). 

4. Limited Unsold Yearbook Sales- June 10th, 2021 (last day of school) is the last day to purchase ANY remaining unsold yearbooks "while supplies last" (these yearbooks have been ordered as limited extras. In order to guarantee yourself a yearbook, you would need to purchase by April 23rd. 

5. Delivery Date: The expected delivery date of the Yearbooks is August 5th. From a previous communication to families, in alignment with Carlsbad High School, we have pushed back the completion date of the yearbook in order to allow for as much coverage as possible of any sports which are allowed to return and events to occur for our school. This added time will allow us to produce a more robust yearbook which includes greater representation of student activities and sports, and allow our yearbook team the opportunity to capture more memories of our Bobcat community. We thank you for your understanding. 

6. Distribution Date- a distribution date for Seniors in the Class of 2021 will be communicated and is to be determined. For returning students, we will allow for pickup at registration.


Yearbook Senior Ads

April 23rd is the last day to order a Senior Ad with the guarantee that it will be in the book.


Yearbook Disclaimer

Before writing in your book, check carefully to make sure there are no printing flaws in your book such as: blank pages, upside down pages, missing pages, printing smears. If you discover any of these or other flaws, please bring the book to room 2305 before you write in the book. Once you have written in the book, it’s yours to keep!
Once you have made sure there are no major flaws in your book, write your name in it for better insurance against theft. We will be sad and upset if your book is lost or stolen but we cannot replace it for free. Replacement books cost $100 cash and are available on a first-come first-served basis in room 2305.


Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes…
Believe us, we have seen the mistakes and we are sick about them. At this time, there is nothing we can do about them. Please keep in mind that the yearbook is the product of a class. Many of the students have no prior experience with journalism writing or design and learn as they create the publication. This is not an adult product; it is a 256-page yearbook created between the months of September and April by teenagers for a teenage audience. Consequently, any omissions or errors are purely accidental and are no way intentional on the part of the yearbook staff, the adviser or the printer. We regret any misspelled words, missing punctuation, misspelled names and offer our apologies to anyone affected. Remember that these yearbook students worked hard on this book all year. It’s our baby, and you wouldn’t tell someone that their child was ugly, would you? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But if you love the book, we’d love to know!

If you have a comment or complaint about the current volume of the yearbook that is crucial to make, it should be made in writing within ten days of distribution. Letters should be short and to the point with specific references to pages and include a suggestion for how the issue could be resolved. Please be kind, no accusatory or abusive language will be accepted. The letter should be sent to the attention of the yearbook staff:
Mrs. Merino-Ott, Adviser
Sage Creek High School

Yearbook Locker
4/12/16 11:05 AM