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Application Period Opens 11/2/20
Application Due 1/8/21
Grant Selection 1/11/21

Progress Evaluations &
Receipts Due



Student Grants

Student Grant
Grant Description

Sage Creek High School PTSA’s Bobcats B.E.S.T. Student Grant is a grant award up to approximately $300 for Sage Creek PTSA Student Members that want to make a positive impact in their community. With the funds from this grant, we hope that you will be inspired to serve your community, raise awareness, advocate for a better world, or be philanthropic!

Individual Sage Creek PTSA Student Members may apply for this grant to support their Genius Project, Boy Scout Eagle Project, Girl Scout Gold Project, Club-related project, or another unique project that addresses a demonstrated community or school need or issue.

Grant Proposal Review: Please read the Grant Proposal Requirements thoroughly because all criteria must be addressed for the proposal to be considered for review by the SCHS PTSA Student Grant Committee.


Click here to go to the application form.


Grant Proposal Requirements

General Requirements

  • Proposal should be written in MLA Format in a Google Document.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Save the Google Document with sharing settings so that “Anyone with link can view,” and paste the URL into the online Bobcats B.E.S.T. Student Grant application form.

Proposal Header 

  • Include a header in your document with your Last Name and page number aligned right.

Sections to Include in your Grant Proposal

  • Applicant Information (left-align these items on the top of the first page)
    • Student First & Last Name
    • Date of Proposal Submission
    • Student Grade Level
    • Student Email
    • Student Mobile Number
  • Title (centered and bolded)
    • Title of your grant proposal should convey what the project is about
  • Project Abstract (include this as a bolded header)
    • The project abstract should be a concise summary of the project.  It should be no more than a paragraph in length, and should include the need for the project and  who (or what) it will benefit, a brief description of the project and its goals and objectives, as well as the applicant's qualifications to conduct the project.  Be sure to include the amount of funding that is being sought. You may find it useful to write this abstract/summary last.
  • Project Description (include this as a bolded header)
    • Describe the project and provide information on how it will be implemented.  Use the four subcategories (A-D) below to describe your project.
    • A.  Statement of Need & Project Impact (include this as a bold italicized sub-header)
      The statement of need should describe the problem that the project will attempt to address.  It should explain who or what will benefit from this project.
    • B.   Mission Match (include this as a bold italicized sub-header)
      Explain how your project relates to the PTSA mission of “Sage Creek PTSA facilitates the collaboration of the Sage Creek parent, teacher, and student team to enhance students' lives.”
    • C.   Goals & Objectives (include this as a bold italicized sub-header)
      Describe the project’s goals and objectives in measurable terms.  The objectives may be written in list form to explain what you think will happen.
    • D.   Activities & Timeline (include this as a bold italicized sub-header)
      Describe what you plan to do to meet your goals and objectives.  Identify activities you plan to use to meet your outcome.  Identify key dates and milestones.
  • Budget (include this as a bolded header)
    • Include in the budget ALL expenses for your project (even if they exceed what this grant will fund).  
    • Also mention any co-funding that you are using from other sources.
    • Include a table in the body of your proposal of the individual cost components along with a narrative description of the expenses. (Click here to view a sample Budget Table in Google Sheets that you can copy & use).


Project Evaluation Requirements

One of the requirements for receiving these Grant Funds is that students agree to complete a Project Evaluation by the first Monday in JUNE that includes the following components:

  • Narrative Summary 
    • This brief narrative should summarize how well you met your project objectives.
  • Budget-to-Actual Table
    • Provide an updated Budget table that shows the items you had budgeted for and how much you actually spent.  See sample here.
  • Original Receipts
    • Provide original receipts for items on which the Grant Funds were spent.