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PTSA Mission & Vision

Mission (Why)

P.T.S.A. facilitates the collaboration of the Sage Creek parent, teacher, and student team to enhance students' lives.

VISION (how)

P.T.S.A. will encourage active involvement of the team through effective communication and programs.


PTSA Board’s Goals are categorized below into general themes: 

  • Sustain a consistent method of communication for parents, teachers and students by distributing news through e-blast and social media and by providing a method to voice suggestions and praise.
  • Communicate clearly to the community of students, families, and teachers about the role of PTSA and its value in our community.
  • Increase parents’ awareness of volunteer opportunities
  • Create packets for families new to SCHS
  • Ensure that the program process and value is clearly communicated to stakeholders.
  • Expand parent, student and family engagement - i.e. EFFECTIVE measurable communication between school, PTSA, students and family.
  • Utilize all forms of  communication between students, teachers and parents to maximize dissemination of information.


  • Facilitate a systematic way to have feedback tabulated, assessed and potentially acted upon (a little more than a suggestion box).
  • Give students and parents a way to voice their opinion/desires to the school/PTSA in a quantitative way ***
  • Provide regular opportunities for feedback regarding the services provided by the PTSA.


  • Encourage and support passive fundraising opportunities
  • Ensure that we are supporting and creating repeatable sources of funds for the future that do not conflict with and support PTSA mission.
  • Ensure that we can meet the budget goal (dollars raised) for each program.
  • Have laptop/tablet at registration to sign families up immediately with no effort
  • Research untapped passive fundraisers
  • Match grant opportunities to SCHS PTSA needs.


  • Continue with our path on programs
  • Create career readiness and health and safety programs for parents, teachers and students.
  • Diversity training: Address need for staff special-needs sensitivity training and student inclusion training. (FYI, already started process w Mr. M & Mrs. Williams and working on securing funding)
  • Provide meaningful desired, high quality programs covering a broad spectrum of vertical health, safety, legislative issues and career pathways,impacting students currently, and in the future.
  • Provide some sort of student social-emotional support program whether it be anti-bullying/social inclusion or stress/time management (due to academics, sports, family, social, college entry, etc.)
  • Provide teachers with additional tools needed in the classroom to enhance learning.


  • 100% teacher membership
  • Build an inclusive community by encouraging the support of the PTSA through membership and/or direct  donations. (We need money to sustain our mission and vision.)
  • Continue to seek ways to improve and foster an "Inclusive" atmosphere for all students, families and the Sage Creek community, both on campus and off.
  • Find ways for students to feel more involved in PTSA/valued by PTSA
  • Get new members more involved - "encourage active involvement", maybe by having more committee members
  • Get new parents participating/volunteering
  • Get students involved in our activities
  • Improve student and parent engagement by giving more and easier ways to participate


  • Add a Legislative VP to the executive board to lead advocacy efforts by informing and educating parents on legal matters pertaining to education.
  • Improve the interaction between ASB and PTA