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MySchoolLocator.pngAddress Lookup - School Residency Locator

Use our address lookup system to locate the schools serving your address. Click the image above to enter system, or click here. This lookup system provides the names of the designated schools for residential addresses within our district boundaries.

New Student Enrollment

Families who are new to CUSD need to first complete the Aeries Air online enrollment process for their student(s) before meeting with the Registrar. Click HERE to complete the Aeries Air online enrollment. Gather the following documentation to bring with you to the Enrollment appointment. Please call the Registrar at 760-331-6650 for an appointment.

  1. Print out enrollment confirmation page from the on-line enrollment.
  2. Birth Certificate:  A copy of the student's birth certificate is required.
  3. Immunization record:  Immunization record doctor's office printout or state record card. Click HERE for immunization requirements. 
  4. Two (2) Documents as Proof of Residence: You will need to bring two documents as proof of residency with the parent/guardian name and address on the document.  These are typically the FULL page of the SDG&E bill, City Utility bill, Property Deed or Lease agreement. 
  5. Transcripts:  If incoming 9th grader, the latest report card; 10-12th grader will need unofficial transcripts from previous school.
  6. Withdrawal slip: Students transferring during the school year MUST bring a copy of their withdrawal slip showing grades to date of leaving as well as an unofficial transcript
  7. Students requesting honors/AP Placement: Students should bring as much supporting documentation (academic records, standardized test results, letters of recommendations, etc.) to present to the counselor for consideration.
  8. Students participating in a special education program must bring a copy of their most recent I.E.P.  This is necessary even if the parent no longer wishes that their student continue to participate in the special education program.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Registrar’s office.