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Schedule Change Requests

Please follow the guidelines below for Schedule Change requests.

Students must complete a Schedule Change Request form. Please return the completed form to your counselor.

*Academic schedule change requests and conflicts take priority over all other requests. A request to change an elective will only be granted based on availability.

*Students that need a schedule change because of completion of a summer course, must submit an official transcript to the SCHS Registrar, Mrs. Ruby at for a change request to be considered. 

Examples of acceptable changes:

1. Level change: e.g. you have Spanish 1A on your schedule, but you need to be in Spanish 1B.

2. Open Period "Hole": less than five classes in one trimester.

3. Incorrect class: incorrect class, e.g. you requested ASL but received Spanish.

Examples of unacceptable changes:

1. We cannot accept requests for a specific teacher, trimester, or period.

2. Required grade level courses will not be dropped.

3. AP courses cannot be dropped without teacher, dept. chair, administrative and parental consent.

Adding/dropping a class: 

Students can request a schedule change within the first 13 days of each trimester.  Deadline per trimester:

Trimester 1: September 10th, 2020

Trimester 2: December 16th, 2020

Trimester 3: January 29th, 2020