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Course Planning

Student-Athlete Course Planning

Academic Support Resources

Academic Planning

The Counseling Department's goal is to ensure students develop an Academic Plan that helps to achieve their college and career goals. Click here to view the Sage Creek Counseling curriculum in greater detail.

In Naviance, students will utilize Academic Planning tools.

Each year, students will complete several Academic Planning tasks. By reviewing and updating their personal Academic Plan regularly, students will stay on target to achieve their goals.

9th Grade – Learn

What it does it mean to be a High School student?

Learn how to create a Four Year Course Plan in Naviance

Learn how to identify and seek resources for help, e.g. tutoring

Learn how to set SMART goals

Learn about self-motivation

10th Grade – Discover

How do I  begin to personalize my Academic Plan?

Discover different course options

Discover what it takes to be in Honors and AP courses

Discover how your interests can apply to your courses

Discover how you can update your Four Year Course Plan in Naviance

11th Grade – Explore

Does my Academic Plan line up with my college and career goals?

Explore if your courses will help you achieve your post-high school plan

Explore your options for courses that interest you most

Explore what courses you still need by updating your Four Year Course Plan in Naviance

12th Grade – Launch

Am I on target to graduate and complete my Academic Plan?

Complete your Four Year Course Plan in Naviance to launch into life after high school

Complete the courses you will need to graduate

The a-g Requirements

Your pathway to California's Colleges & Universities


Successful completion of the a-g requirements demonstrates that students are academically prepared for the challenges of college level courses at UC's and CSU's. A grade of "C" or better is required to fulfill the a-g requirements.


A: History/Social Science - 2 years required

(World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government)


B: English - 4 years required

(including no more than one year of approved ESL/ESD courses)


C: Mathematics - 2 years required

(Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Statistics/Trigonometry, AP Statistics)


D: Laboratory Science - 2 years required/3 years recommended

(Biology, Chemistry, Physics)


E. World Language - 2 years required/3 years recommended

(must be 2 years of the same language other than English, American Sign Language, Spanish)


F. Visual & Performing Arts - 1 year required

(Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts)


G. College Preparatory Electives - 1 year required

(Biomedical Science, Engineering, or a course from the a-f list beyond the minimum subject requirements)