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Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance is open for the 2020-2021 School Year

All students who wish to participate in school based athletics must get Athletic Clearance to tryout for a high school sport.  Clearance is obtained by going to the Athletic Clearance site and completing the online process as well as getting a sports physical.


Use the tabs to the left to access the athletic clearance site as well as download the necessary forms.  There is also an instruction sheet to help answer any questions you may have about navigating the system, requirements, or general questions.  

Be sure to upload a pdf of all required forms (physical and proof of insurance, confirmation form, and the CIF Ethics in Sports Form. 

Students who are not cleared will not be able to attend tryouts or practice with a team.   

Once the online process is complete turn in the following documents to the Athletic Director:  Dates and times for document submission will be announced in late October. 

  • A copy of your signed, dated, and stamped physical form
  • A copy of your signed CIF Ethics in Sports Contract
  • Confirmation of Clearance Form signed by student and parent
  • Proof of insurance 

Once all required forms are turned in and clearance is approved student athletes will be able to pick up a Ticket 2 Play.  A Ticket 2 Play is required to attend tryouts.  

Dates and times for Ticket 2 Play distribution TBD

UPDATED: Clearance for ALL sports is October 15, 2020



Ticket 2 Play

Once an athlete has completed the clearance process and a parent/guardian has watched the Virtual Mandatory Parent Meeting Presentation they will be issued a Ticket 2 Play.   

Athletes turn in the Ticket 2 Play to the coach on the first day of tryouts.  Athletes without a Ticket 2 Play will not be able to attend tryouts.