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Need Parent Volunteers Nov 8 for Genius Project
Posted 11/5/19

The Genius Project Teacher Team would like to invite Bobcat Parents to volunteer in our classrooms to help our 11th & 12th graders with their Genius Projects (see below for full description).


Volunteer Opportunity:


What the role looks like:

  • This role is mostly a "listening" job, and doesn’t require you to have a hugely successful business career (adults with any life experience are helpful). 

  • We find our young people do much better once they are nudged into articulating their ideas aloud to an adult.

  • Professional in the Room volunteers introduce themselves to the class and state their areas of knowledge (e.g., organization, communication, writing, business) and are placed on a panel where students may approach to get ideas, advice, guidance, or encouragement. 

More Information:

Thank you,


Sage Creek Genius Project Team


Twitter: @sagecreekgenius | Instagram: @sagecreekgeniusproject