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Final Instructions for Senior Grad Nite Fri 6/14
Posted 6/10/19

Congrats Bobcat Senior Graduates, and thanks for joining Sage Creek High's first Grad Nite celebration!

Please review the important information below in preparation for Grad Night.


  • Arrive at 12:00 PM at SCHS for check-in with chaperones on Friday, 6/14/19

  • Bags will be checked by Security prior to entering buses (see bus info & rules below)

  • Buses will DEPART from Sage Creek by 1:00 PM.  We will not hold the buses for late arrivals, so please arrive early to make sure that you do not get left behind.  

  • If the bus leaves without you, you will not be allowed to drive yourself to Disney's California Adventure.  This is Disney California Adventure's rule for Grad Nite, so again, ARRIVE ON TIME.


  • Note that if you are leaving your car in the lot, you should remove all valuables because security is not monitoring the lot overnight.


  • Photo IDs are required for entry onto buses

  • Bring money or credit card for food/beverages and other items

  • Sunscreen & sunglasses

  • Phone charger


  • Students have been pre-assigned to buses and bus assignments cannot be changed at this time.

  • Check-in with chaperones located in front of the PAC to get your Color-coded wristband for boarding the bus.

  • You need to wear your wristband until you are on the bus home from Disney's California Adventure.  You will ride home on the same bus that you came on.

  • Bus Assignment Color Coded List is online


  • As part of our contract with Disney's California Adventure, we must ensure that students are following Disney California Adventure's dress code, that no one has any alcohol, drugs or prohibited items before boarding the bus.

  • No weapons, drugs, alcohol, vape, or tobacco allowed (including for students 18 and over).  Students found with prohibited items will not be allowed to board the bus, parents (and authorities) will be notified, and no refund will be given.  

  • Prior to Senior Graduates being allowed to board the buses, a Security Officer will check bags and conduct pat-downs. There will be both private security screening your bags and Carlsbad Police standing by at the bus departure point.  If any prohibited items are found, you will not be allowed to board the bus, and in the case of illegal items, you will be referred to the police.

  • Please leave these items at home so that you can go to Grad Night.  

  • There will be additional security screening at Disney's California Adventure.

  • Disney's California Adventure prohibits all guests from bringing in outside food or beverages

  • Disney's California Adventure prohibits certain other items like selfie sticks, drones, glass containers, and markers, to name a few items


  • Disney's California Adventure enforces its own dress code.

  • Disney's California Adventure has a strict code of conduct.

  • If you do not adhere to Disney California Adventure's guidelines, you will be asked to leave the park and your parents will have to come pick you up from Disney's California Adventure.  Students caught breaking Disney California Adventure's rules will not be allowed to take the buses back home.


  • Chaperones will give you further instructions on the bus.

  • They will also provide the phone numbers for the Chaperones so that if you have a problem during the evening, you can contact someone for assistance.


  • If you must bring ANY medication with you on the bus, you will need to give it to your Chaperone, and they will help you through the security process. Chaperones will then return medication to you.

  • This includes both prescription medication and over the counter medication such as aspirin.

  • All medication (prescription and over the counter) must be in the original packaging. No loose medication of any kind will be allowed.


  • California Adventure will close at 2:00 AM and all students will take the tram to the Mickey and Friends parking structure to board the bus to come back home.  If for some reason, you are not going to take the bus back home, please let your chaperone know. If you have an issue and think you may be late, you must let the chaperone know or the bus may leave without you.

  • The bus will leave Disney's California Adventure once all students are back on the bus, or after the last tram has arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking structure.  We anticipate the buses arriving back in Carlsbad at approximately 4:00 AM.


  • If you cannot attend Grad Nite, please let PTSA Grad Nite Chairperson know (Michelle Ginn: because our chaperones will need to be notified.

I hope everyone has a fantastic time at our Bobcat Grad Nite!

Michelle Ginn

Sage Creek High PTSA

Grad Night Coordinator

(760) 815-0369