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Link Crew

Contact Information
Tara Andersson (760) 331-6616 Chemistry
Amy Kuehl (760) 331-6639 English
Aida Salah (760) 331-6677 AVID Coordinator/AVID Teacher

Want To Join 2018-2019 Link Crew?

Applications are due April 23rd (click here).


Students Helping Students Succeed

Link Crew is a nationwide leadership program whose goal is to improve school culture by welcoming incoming freshmen and making them feel comfortable and supported throughout the first year of their high school experience. Link Crew trains incoming juniors and seniors to support and be positive role models for incoming 9th graders. 


The goals of the Link Crew program are:

-to increase a sense of shared school community

-to build a positive climate

-to improve the freshman transition experience

-for upperclassmen mentors to grow as leaders in the community.


Why Connection Matters:
Even when students feel safe and informed, they may not successfully transition into a new school if they do not develop a sense of connection. In every transition in our lives we need to feel a sense of connection to the new situation. This is true whether we are connecting to a new job, a new child, or a new reality in our own lives.

The more connected students are to their new school, the better they will do in all the measures that are important in tracking their success: grades, test scores, attendance, and discipline. All these measures are positively affected when students are connected.

Schools try to promote this crucial component of transition by offering co-curricular activities, athletics, and special events in the hopes that kids will connect.

Link Crew creates a structure that connects every incoming freshman with a caring upperclassman from their first day through the end of their freshman year.


More information from the Boomerang Project (the organization that houses this program and WEB, the middle school version)

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