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Class Councils

Class Council Prerequisites and Campaigning Rules

Requirements to Run for Class Office

  • Must have a 2.0 non-weighted GPA

  • No N or Us in citizenship the past school year

  • No disciplinary action in the past school year

  • You may only run for a single office and cannot change once decided

  • Must be able to attend class council meetings twice a month

  • May not have more than 10 unexcused absences/tardies in a trimester


All advertising must be stamped and approved before hanging. These advertisements are to be approved in Room 1207. Once this step is complete, they must be posted in painter's tape or hung with zip ties.  Any posters hanging up with other tape will be taken down.

What You Can Do (Advertising must only promote yourself in a positive manner.)  

  • Make posters:
    You are limited to:

    • 1 big poster up to 6'

    • 5 - 22" x 28" (Poster board size)

    • 20 - 8 1/2" x 11" (Poster or fliers

  • Create shirts:

    • Shirts made can only say “Vote (insert name) for (insert class office you’re running for)”

  • Create buttons!

What You Cannot Do (**Students who choose these methods will be removed from candidacy.)

  • Provide giveaways (Food, toys; etc…) to “buy votes.”  Candidates cannot place items on a poster either.

  • Create anything offensive to anyone on campus or a slander campaign on another candidate

  • Make stickers and distribute flyers


  • Candidates may start hanging posters @ 7:00am on the suggested date, 1 week prior to the elections.  Nothing can be hung up 2 days after the initial poster hanging date @ 2:30pm. Date(s) will be posted on the Class Council Page of the ASB website after the informational meeting.

  • Candidates are responsible for taking down all promotional materials (posters & fliers) by the date specified (i.e. extra tape on fences, zip ties cut off, residue on windows removed).

  • If posters are not taken down by the deadline, lunch detention(s) will be issued to the candidate.

Senior Class Officers

President - Katelyn Kennedy

Vice President- Antony Lin

Treasurer - Kendall Schubert

Secretary - Tyler Jones


Class Advisor: Mr. Bloomquist

Junior Class Officers

President - Ella Clark

Vice President - Madeleine Miyamoto 

Treasurer - Chloe Blankenhorn

Secretary - Madison Blankenhorn


Class Advisor: Mrs. Woolley

Sophomore Class Officers

President - Faith Klein

Vice President - Luna Del Rio

Treasurer - Sophia Chen

Secretary - Zoebelle Hinojosa


Class Advisor: Mrs. Fett

Freshman Class Officers

Class President: Davian Rangel

Vice President: Kyle Gatti

Treasurer: Nicholas Cepek

Secretary: Malia Leupold


Class Advisor: Mrs. Merino-Ott

Class Council Election Procedures

Sequence of Events

  1. Campaigning: Students who have met requirements will be notified by e-mail. They will then be allowed to hang posters/flyers 7 days prior to speeches.

  2. Speeches: All President and Vice President candidates will be giving a speech that is 1-2 minutes long during a designated period of time (Lunch, rally, etc...). Speeches must be pre-approved by ASB by the specified date prior to giving the speech. If a candidate does not stick to the pre-approved speech or does not get their speech approved, he/she may have their speech cut short or forfeit their speech time. Please provide a copy for the ASB advisor.

  3. Casting Your Vote:  All students will receive an e-mail via School Loop to cast their votes.  The online voting form will be sent to the corresponding classes.  For example, current 11th grade students will only be voting for next year’s Senior Class Council. Votes cast for a non-corresponding class officer will be removed. The School Loop e-mail will be sent out at 12:30 p.m after the speeches. If students can not access School Loop, a link will be posted on the ASB homepage.

    1. In case of a tie, there will be a re-vote for 2 days between the tied candidates to break the tie.  All the previous voting guidelines will be in place.  

    2. If any office is left vacant, ASB may appoint an officer on a majority vote.

  4. Officers Announced: The winning candidates will be announced at the end of period 3 on the specified date over the School PA.