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Community College Classes

Current SCHS students who would like to take courses at a community college; such as MiraCosta College or Palomar College must complete the following process:

  1. Complete the online CUSD Off Campus Course Permission Request form.
  2. Complete (apply) the online application for the community college. 
    1. MiraCosta College application link                       
    2. Palomar College application link                                 
      **2 to 3 days after completion the student will receive an email with their Surf ID number (MCC) or Student ID number (Palomar) to be used to complete enrollment.
  3. Thoroughly read and complete the specific Community College Concurrent Enrollment/Special Admissions form*.
    1. MiraCosta College Concurrent Enrollment permit request (online form updated 4/28/20)
      1. This will facilitate the enrollment process without requiring paper signatures.
    2. Palomar College Special Admission Approval form
      1. Email completed form to your Counselor for their signature.
      2. Submit paperwork to appropriate contact at Palomar.
  4. Register for the courses online with the community college during the specified enrollment period.
    1. MiraCosta: SCHS students may register beginning January 11th for Spring 2021
  5. Students are responsible for submitting official community college transcripts to the SCHS Registrar after completion of the course in order for it to be added to their SCHS transcript. Transcripts can be ordered online with the links below:

    1. MiraCosta College Transcripts
    2. Palomar College Transcripts

*Concurrently enrolled high school students can take up to 11 credits for free through the dual enrollment programs; students and families are required to pay the health fee and the cost of materials, textbooks associated with the course per academic term enrolled.

Other off campus institution options

Approved institutions that have been confirmed in the 2019-20 school year as meeting WASC accreditation, or other regional accreditation and some or all A-G course approvals. View the Carlsbad Unified School District approved list here.