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Advanced Placement - AP

AP Faculty
Shannon Alberts (760) 331-6640 English
James Fieberg (760) 331-6663 Science/Engineering-Science Dept. Chair
Charity Fisher (760) 331-6631 Social Science
Frederick Griesbach (760) 331-6605 Mathematics
Frank Henry-Reyes (760) 331-6668 Social Science
Megan Herrick (760) 331-6710 VAPA-ART-AP Art History
Matt Keyes (760) 331-6615 Science
Daniel Kramar (760) 331-6666 Spanish
Allison Magee (760) 331-6612 Science
Maggie Mandal (760) 331-6639 English
Rachel Merino-Ott (760) 331-6641 English
Leif Peterson (760) 331-6628 Social Science
George Porter (760) 331-6638 English
Jamie Solis (760) 331-6678 Social Science
Erin Turner (760) 331-6610 Mathematics
Allison Williams (760) 331-6678 Teacher
Sue Woolley (760) 331-6681 Mathematics Dept Chair

AP Disclosure (must be submitted by all students taking an AP Course)

Student Guides to AP Courses Provided by The Sage News

AP Introduction Video Bank

To view these videos, sign in with your school district e-mail.


Click on the link to view the desired video. If the video is not listed, link will take you to an e-mail the teacher and ask "where may I find your video for your AP Class?"


Advanced Placement Art History


Advanced Placement Biology


Advanced Placement Calculus *in progress


Advanced Placement Chemistry


Advanced Placement English Language & Composition


Advanced Placement English Literature


Advanced Placement European History


Advanced Placement Macro Economics


Advanced Placement Psychology


Advanced Placement Physics 1


Advanced Placement Statistics


Advanced Placement Spanish & Culture


Advanced Placement United States History


Advanced Placement United States Government