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Student Support Services


To provide specialized academic and behavioral support to student with exceptional needs.


The Sage Creek Student Support Service Department is committed to supporting students with learning challenges as they work toward achieving their individual goals  Our department continually strives to prepare our students to become active and independent members of our ever changing world.


Contact Carol Fredericks  Carol Fredericks Instructional Aide
Contact Jessica Hacker  Jessica Hacker (760) 331-6632 Student Supt Serv
Contact Denise Meek  Denise Meek (760) 331-6673 ex: 6673 Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)
Contact Brant Sanderson  Brant Sanderson (760) 331-6627 Student Supt Serv
Contact Julieta Thomas  Julieta Thomas Instructional Aide
Contact Andrea Williams  Andrea Williams (760) 331-6633 Student Supt Serv. Chair
Contact Jaime Zielinski  Jaime Zielinski (760) 331-6656 Psychologist


10/4/18 4:42 PM
9/20/18 6:41 PM
11/12/18 5:51 PM
10/4/18 4:42 PM
9/20/18 6:41 PM
11/12/18 5:51 PM