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Requesting Letter(s) of Recommendation

Senior Process:

Seniors who need LORs for college applications:

  1. Log into Naviance 
  2. Follow the steps on the Letter of Recommendation Procedure Handout found in the senior folder located in your document library (as shown below)



9th-11th Grade Process:

9-11th graders who need LORs for scholarships, summer (special) program, etc. complete the following steps 3 weeks before their deadline:

  1. Complete (update) a resume (About Me Tab in Naviance)
  2. Complete the Scholarship Recommendation Survey (About Me Tab in Naviance)
  3. Email counselor to confirm the completion of the above Naviance items 
  4. Also email the scholarship, program website and address to your counselor


Don't end up like the Cookie Monster!

Be thorough with your resume and survey so that counselors really know what you are all about and can reflect that in your letter of recommendation. Otherwise, they may represent you with crackers when you are all about them cookies!