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Boys Golf


2021 Sage Creek Boy’s Golf Season


Hello Everyone it is my great pleasure to finally go over the 2021 boys golf season with you.  I hope everyone is doing well.  This upcoming golf season will be in one word unique.  We will be running the boy’s season parallel to the girl’s.  Golf course access will be limited and we will need to adjust accordingly. With that in mind here is an outline of the coming weeks.


If you have participated in either JV or Varsity For Sage Creek you will have Practice/tryouts Monday and wednesday the 22nd and 24th from 4-5 at the Crossings

If you are a freshman or are new to the program practice/tryout will be Tuesday and Thursday the 23rd and 25th from 4-5 at the Crossings

This will just be for this first week.Due to Covid restrictions we have to keep the number of athletes small.  

We will be evaluating the athletes over the next couple weeks.

We will have both a JV and Varsity team.  Jv team will meet less often than Varsity until such time as our new JV coach can be  found and vetted. 


Rules this year will be different.

Masks must be worn at all times by athletes and coaches during practice and matches (until we hear differently from CIF).  

All athletes must try to maintain social distancing while at practice.  

Once practice ends all athletes must leave practice area ASAP

Parents and/or athletes must provide transportation to and from all practices, matches, and tournaments.  Parents/ Athletes can provide transportation for their athletes only.

All athletes must check their own temperature prior to all practices, matches, and tournaments.

If at any time 

Any Athlete showing any signs of Covid symptoms must stay home and follow CDC guidelines before returning to any golf function.

Last thing Coach Bloomquist and myself are very excited to get going.  It has been a long time coming.  We just ask for your patience.  Everything that is happening is as new to us as it is to you.  All schools and their sports teams are in the same boat and to be honest we are making things up as we go.  I know that we will get things right and of course wrong.  On the wrong stuff we again ask for patience.  If any parent or athlete has any issues we ask that first the Athlete discusses things first with either Coach.  If that doesn’t satisfy then parent or guardian is more than welcome to contact us.  I am very confident we can get through any issue that may arise..

If you have any questions you can contact either Coach Bloomquist at or by phone 760-846-6306. Or Coach Walther at or by phone 928-899-5239


See you soon

David Walther